Afterglow Genesis Tribute Band -playing all your favourite Genesis tracks.

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Andy Daish - drums

Andy was first introduced to drums at the grand old age of 9 by his cousin, Robert, who has been blamed ever since. Although Andy didn't actually get into drumming properly until he was about 19 the thought of drumming was always there, and knew that one day he would have a kit of his own!

His first foray into playing involved the usual covers bands playing the old favorites. But, as time went by and his drumming improved, such covers bands became boring to play in and so Andy decided it was time to give it up. He started a family and all the kit was sold.


After a few years, the drumming was missed and a new kit was brought which got him started again. He was asked to join a Queen tribute band and played with them for a couple of years before the boredom of simple drumming hit him again and the search for a new idea was started. A Genesis Tribute band!!!

Andy’s first attempt was with The Book of Genesis, the concept being to play a full repertoire of Genesis music. But this soon became just playing the older Gabriel years with just a few Collins tracks if you were lucky and this wasn't really what Andy wanted to do so left to start over.

After a years break and with a new kit that's still growing, Andy started the hunt for new band mates to start the eagerly awaited Afterglow project.

Favourite Genesis Tracks: Fading Lights; Supper's Ready; Inside and Out; The Cinema Show; Duke's Travels/End.

Andy Michael Nigel Martin Keys