Afterglow Genesis Tribute Band -playing all your favourite Genesis tracks.

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Dan Parratt - keyboards

Early life was hard for me, dragged from working men's club to working men's club, being forced to play the organ at the age of 9 to endless groups of drunken Northerners... but it left me with 2 things - an addiction to passive smoking, and a thirst to entertain! I've cured the passive smoking, but the showman - never!

I have, of course, someone to blame - or thank - for this. Our much missed dad, bless his soul, was always in a band, and my brother Irv and myself consequently had the opportunity to play any instrument you could think of from before I can remember. Endless hours picking on a guitar, shouting down a mic, smashing the drum kit.


Then one day, I found myself grown up, all of 21, fresh from Uni and about to leave home, but with one summer left before responsibility kicked in - so myself, Irv and my best mates Mark, Steve and Graham spent it learning how to play in a band. We chose to do this by attempting to play all the really hard Genesis tracks, and after 6 weeks, we had actually managed to limp through the In the Cage Medley, all plugged into one Vox AC30. For Summer of '69, read Summer of '84... and Long Live "The Bridge".

As I moved away from home and started my new life in Southampton, the second thing I did (after finding somewhere to live) was start a band - at this time I was playing bass, as I couldn't afford keyboards. We're in the mid 80's, and, prog was not hip, so I was (reluctantly) going through the motions of playing such challenging wonders as Since You've Been Gone, and Run to You. Still, you have to start somewhere, and within a year I had moved onto keyboards, having got myself into hock for a Yamaha DX21, a Roland Juno 106 and one of those Yamaha KX5 remote keyboards (the one Howard Jones is using these days). My move to keys introduced more ambitious numbers, such as Wouldn't It Be Good, and also subjected the world to my big chunky spiked hair , white jump suit and Pixie boots. It also broke up the band, because, fundamentally, I wanted to play The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, and everyone else wanted to play I'm a Believer...

So after playing Steamy Windows one time too many, I moved onto other projects. Always one to try something new, I did a bit of "theatre", well, pantomime music, and discovered the world of sequencing and one man performance. This all culminated in a 16 part orchestral arrangement of West Side Story, which took 8 months to prep, and ran for 5 nights, making serious cash for charity - and not a dry eye in the house! If pride's a sin, then I was a grade one bad boy - but I look back at that time with profound fondness, and respect for all involved.

Deep down, though, I still hankered after my first love - prog rock - so after a 10 year break, bringing up our wonderful kids, and encouraged as always by my beautiful wife Kate, I vowed to once again don the cape and play the Moog. By now, I had amassed some decent gear, and enough talent to play with 2 hands some of the time.

So I hunted around the net, found some like-minded souls, and formed a prog covers band, Sarus. After 2 fun years, I began to feel a strange calling, and a little voice calling out, calling out my name - and reminding me that I Know What I Like. Sometimes, you just have to go back to your roots...

And here we are, playing some of the best tunes in the world - and for me, with the arrival of each new member of the band, filling in the Jigsaw has been great fun - but the best bit is yet to come...

Why am I doing this? Because it's hard, and challenging, but when it goes well, it's electrifying. I just can't wait to get out there and play some of these tunes to you.... and it won't be long now...

Favourite Genesis Tracks: Los Endos; Cinema Show; Supper's Ready; Fading Lights; Afterglow.

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