Afterglow Genesis Tribute Band -playing all your favourite Genesis tracks.

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Michael Peatfield - guitar

Michael started playing guitar at the tender age of 12 on a guitar that was a 'acquired' from a friend and by learning chords from Beatles and ELO song books.

Roll on a couple of years and you can probably blame Saxon, the first band Michael saw live, for the choice of his first electric guitar: a Flying V copy made by CMI costing all of £75. Whilst flashy, this wasn't a great guitar with the body seemingly made from balsa wood which did nothing for sustain or balance.


Still, tooled up with a true 'Ax', a 15 year old Michael started playing with a school band rehearsing in his folks garage (much to the annoyance of the neighbours) playing covers like All Along the Watchtower and Sunshine Of Your Love. First gig - Old Windsor Memorial Hall entertaining a visiting football team. The only request that night... turn it down. A lot.

Musical influences at this time included Queen, Floyd, Rush and, of course, Genesis. In fact Duke is quite possibly the first album bought. The first Genesis show seen - Abacab tour December 1981.

The Flying V made way to a Westone Prestige and school bands made way to University bands. Required listening became Twelfth Night and It Bites on the prog side and Magnum and Thin Lizzie on the rock.

After Uni, real life and career got in the way and there was little time to play in bands so the guitar became a home pleasure. Roll a few decades and, still an avid gig goer, Michael found himself chatting to a couple of guys at a re-formed It Bites gig. They mentioned that they were trying to get a prog band together but were lacking a guitarist at which point Michael offered his services. That band became Sarus which played a variety of prog covers from relatively obscure sources such as IQ and Spock's Beard which only served to bemuse most audiences until a Floyd or Genesis classic was wheeled out. The last Sarus gig was Guilfest 2012 after which Sarus was put into suspension until original material could been written.

A couple of months later, Michael got a call asking if he would like to try out for the guitar spot in a Collins era Genesis band? An audition was arranged and Michael was offered the gig.

Favourite Genesis Tracks: Fly on a Windshield; The Cage; Dodo; Squonk; Dance on a Volcano; Watcher of the Skies; Duke's Travels/End.

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