Afterglow Genesis Tribute Band -playing all your favourite Genesis tracks.

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Peter McDonagh - vocal

The first prog band I listened to was Marillion in 1981. Me being Scottish and this big man from Dalkeith being the lead singer peaked my interest and I have been a firm fan since then. It was in these early years that my brother in law, a big Genesis fan, gave me loan of a few of his Genesis albums, Seconds Out being my introduction to the band. So I heard many of the earlier Gabriel era tracks being sung by Collins way before I heard them with Gabriel. The first Genesis album that I bought on its release was the self titled Genesis album, but had the entire back catalogue on vinyl by then.


I've been singing/playing in bands since my high school days in the early to mid eighties, when it was almost cool (not really) to sport the mullet. Poppy stuff was the order of the day then but I continued in several bands doing cover versions right up until I left Scotland in 1998 to move to Limerick in Ireland. I spent a couple of years here not doing a whole lot musically but then met up with a few lads and started another covers band.

The music scene is very different in Ireland compared to the UK. The Irish audience wants to hear much more traditional/country music. I've spent several years and many different guises doing that. I fancied a bit of a change so about 5-6 years ago I auditioned for the keyboard part in a Cure tribute called "Fire in Cairo". I am still in the band and we have a good following here in Ireland. Never really my kind of music, so when the chance came up to sing in a Genesis tribute I jumped at it and am delighted that I am finally getting to do something that I want to musically.

Favourite bands: Genesis, Marillion, Pendragon, IQ, Yes and It Bites
Favourite Genesis Album: hard one, but probably Trick of the Tail

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