Afterglow Genesis Tribute Band -playing all your favourite Genesis tracks.

The Ancient Guild of Genesis Tribute Bands
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Andy uses:

Tama Star-classic Bubinga Elite
Tama Rack System
Tama Road Pro hardware
Tama Iron cobra pedals
Tama Iron cobra Hi-Hat

Mapex Black Panther 14" snare

Sabian Paragon Neil Peart signature Cymbals

Roland Boss FS-5U & 6U pedals
Roland Td20x drum module
Roland Bubinga V-Drum PD-X Shells
Roland CY-C SV Cymbals and HiHats
Roland SPD-SX Sampler
Roland PD85 V-Drums
Roland Triggers

Alesis DM5 Drum module
Audix drum mics

Vic Firth sticks
Swan Flight cases
Protection Racket cases
Protection Racket Drum Mat
Sure PSM200
1964 Ears V6 IEMs
Apple iPad Pro monitoring desk

And now has bigger fan!

Graham Russell
Protection Racket
Andy "That's All."


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